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The Top Four New Features In Pro Tools 12.4 (which makes it a must update over Pro Tools 11.3)

Pro Tools 12.4 is the newest version of Pro Tools (as of this post) and the emphasis with this version seems to be on workflow. The top four best features in PT 12.4 in my opinion is... *The Commit Feature: The Commit feature can basically bounce the audio tracks that you are working on individually or as multi-tracks and even bounce them as stems if you select the sub group track that you wish to bounce. Also you can export those tracks either dry (no fx) or with the processing chain imprinted into the track, real nice. This can speed up your workflow a lot. However, I have found a few bugs in this feature that Pro Tools has told me they will address soon. *The Freeze Option: is added to t

Plectone Dual-Pulse Guitar Pic Review

Is it possible to give a guitar pic a review one might ask? Oh yeah but, It must provide something that no other pic provides. Bold statement because you have to ask, what does it do? Well, I have had mine now for over a year now and I will say it is the coolest tool/effect for guitar players since distortion. I especially enjoy using it on my Takamine and Ovation six string acoustic guitars. My first impression is still my last one and that is it is amazing. All I can say is it sounds like something I never heard before from one guitar player and yet it is so pleasing to the ear. When I use it I get the sense that I am playing at a much faster rhythm or that there are two guitars playing

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