Waves CLA MixHub Review



I had the honor of meeting Chris Lord-Alge at the NAMM show last weekend.  I asked him about sidechain compression as that is something I use a lot. I was concerned that his plugin wouldn't work with my style of mixing. He assured me that sidechain compression can indeed work throughout the plugin. After speaking with him at length I couldn't wait to buy this plugin.


I spent a few days using the MixHub plugin on my mixes at SoundBurst Studios I can honestly say it is a winner. I got places in the mix faster and with more direction towards the end goal.


If you are looking to speed up your workflow as a Mix Engineer who works out of a DAW, this plugin is a game changer. I originally had some doubts because of the lofty goals, promised by the Waves team, however after using it, the MixHub has won me over.


The most important processing effects I use are EQ and compression. Both of these effects are modeled after Chris's own SSL mixing board, which would cost over a million dollars if you wanted to buy one.  The sound of these two very important effects is very impressive. Chris includes his Blue 76 compressor as well, the Blue 76 is a fantastic emulation of the classic 1176 compressor which really delivers a lot of impact on almost everything! 


The beauty of this plugin from Waves, is the ability to open eight tracks at once, then group eight tracks into a bucket.  You can have up to eight different buckets (think of a bucket as a section on your mixing board like drums, guitars etc.) in a single mix giving you the ability to easily see up to sixty-four tracks total. What do you see you ask?  Dynamics, EQ, Inputs, and Outputs of all of the tracks in the bucket or a combination of up to eight buckets at the same time! 


There is also a lot of fantastic analog distortion and warmth that you can add and along with as much overdrive as you can handle for each track.  There are a lot more features such as a wider effect that can be placed on your stereo tracks output. MixHub really is packed with amazing sounding features that are great for bringing out the most in a song. If I had to find a fault in the MixHub it would be that it is a bit CPU hungry. 


The MixHub is a great sounding plugin that can take your mixes to another level. I highly recommend giving this plugin a try. We love it at SoundBurst Studios mixing and mastering services.









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