SoundBurst Studios 2018 Best In Show Plugins Awards!



At SoundBurst Studios online mixing and mastering services, we really take sound seriously. We actually own every plugin listed here, and we use them on a regular basis. Because we get asked about our favorite plugins so often, we decided to put together the SoundBurst Studios Best In Show Plugins Awards!


What we looked at most importantly was, "how does it sound?" and also "how stable and how user friendly are these amazing plugins?"  We name our winner and runner up in each category. Some of these amazing plugins are brand new this year, while others are favorites that could not be beaten over the years.


Drum Roll please... And the winners are...


Top Vocal Compressor: 


Winner: Audified U73b

Runner Up: Softubes CL 1B 


Top Reverb:

Winner: Exponential Audio Nimbus

Runner Up: Exponential Audio R4


Top Vocal EQ (Warm):

Winner: Steven Slate FG A

Runner Up: Softubes Tube Tech Summit EQF-100




Top EQ (Surgical):

Winner: Fabfilter Pro-Q3

Runner Up: eiosis AirEQ (premium) 


Top De-Esser:

Winner: Fabfilter Pro-DS

Runner Up: Waves Sibilance



Top Tape Emulators:

Winner: Softube Tape

Runner Up: Steven Slate VTM



Top Transient Designer:

Winner: iZotope Transient Shaper

Runner Up: Waves Smack Attack









Top Console Emulators

Winner: Steven Slate VCC

Runner Up: Waves SSL








Top Vintage Console Emulators:

Winner: Waves Abbey Road REDD Consoles

Runner Up: Waves Abbey Road EMI TG12345



Top Pre-Amp Emulators

Winner: Steven Slate VTC with FG -76 and FG-73

Runner Up: Kush Omega Series


Top Delay:

Winner: McDSP EC-300

Runner Up: Waves H-Delay


Top Limiter:

Winner: Fabfilter Pro-L2

Runner Up: iZotope Maximizer (Ozone 8)


Top All Around Compressor:

Winner: Fabfilter Pro-C2

Runner Up: Steven Slate Virtual Buss Compressors




Top Multiband Compressor:

Winner: Fabfilter Pro-MB

Runner Up: iZotope Dynamics (Ozone 8)


Top Distortion Plugin:

Winner: Softubes Harmonics Analog Saturation Processor 

Runner Up: SoundToys Decapitator



Top Filter Plugin:

Winner: Waves MetaFilter

Runner Up: SoundToys FilterFreak 1 & 2


Top Guitar Amp Simulators:

Winner: Waves PRS Super Models

Runner Up: Scuffham S-Gear 2



Top Pitch Correction Plugin:

Winner: Celemony Melodyne 4

Runner Up: Antares AutoTune 8










Goes to: Softube Tape!





To take a listen to all of these beautiful plugins in action mixed into songs at SoundBurst Studios simply click HERE



Drew Puzia is a multi-award winning Mix Engineer at SoundBurst Studios in Las Vegas. Drew is certified in Audio Engineering from the world renowned Berklee College of Music. His experience spans over three decades in the music industry and he has recorded and mixed countless musicians in many genres of music.





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SoundBurst Studios 2018 Best In Show Plugins Awards!

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