New Technology Could Change The Way We Buy Microphones In The Future


There is a lot of buzz lately coming out about microphones that can model other microphones. In particular a microphone that can simply sound exactly like some of the most coveted microphones out there is a HUGE and up to now impossible task to do well. But, this microphone is turning some heads and making some BIG promises. The idea of a single $1500.00 dollar microphone (Introduction Price) sounding exactly like a cabinet filled with several of the most classic microphones of all time, with some of them costing in the range of tens of thousands of dollars and more is indeed a lofty goal, and Townsend Labs made has made this claim. They launched an extremely successful Indiegogo fund raiser exceeding their goal by a whopping 523 percent. Here is a review from a very well respected audio engineer in the Industry. So take a look and a listen all you audio engineers, producers and musicians, and like me I am sure that you are waiting with bated breath to see how the Industry responds. Here is an in depth review from James The Pro Tools Expert, check out the Link on YouTube.




Drew Puzia is a multi-award winning Mix Engineer at SoundBurst Studios in Las Vegas. Drew is certified in Audio Engineering from the world renowned Berklee College of Music. His experience spans over three decades in the music industry and he has recorded and mixed countless musicians in many genres of music.









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