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When a song is sent to SoundBurst Studios to be mixed, we listen to the song several times not only to get a feel for the song, but also to listen for areas in which we can take the song from good to great. Then we focus on the vocal tracks next, since the vocals are what music lovers focus on the most when listening to a song.  We listen for timing, pitch and tone in those vocals and make any adjustments necessary.   Sometimes not much is needed, while other times a vocal track may need some correction to make those vocals sound their very best.  Before we even mix one track of your song, we sit down and have a thorough consultation with you, after all, it’s your song. Once we get a feel for how you want your vocals to sound, we then begin the process of mixing your tracks.

Sometimes the tracks that we are given do not have an ideal vocal tone. This often happens when the vocals were recorded in a room that wasn’t equipped for vocal tracking.  We can fix your vocal tracks that weren’t recorded in an optimal setting by making it sound like you were recorded in a large world class studio.  We have the ability to give your vocals the warmth, clarity and color that singers crave.

Many singers try their hand at mixing their own songs and vocals. Some do this to save money while others mix their own songs because it can be difficult to turn your songs and your vision over to someone else for mixing.  As tempting as it can be to mix your own vocal tracks, a professional mixing studio will actually make your songs sound better.  We listen with an objective ear and often hear slight imperfections that you, the vocalist cannot. We don’t want to change your song, it’s your song and we want it to sound like you!  The best you!

If you have a song that needs to be mixed, send it to SoundBurst Studios for a free consultation.  We will help you and your song sound great!

The Best Gear With The Best Ear!

SoundBurst Studios is an online mixing and mastering studio, founded by Drew Puzia, a certified audio mix engineer from the Berklee College of Music. Drew has over 25 years of experience in professional music mixing, and provides affordable mixing and mastering services to musicians everywhere.

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