• Drew Puzia Mix Engineer

$ 49.00 Dollar Mastering All Month of May (limit 2 per person)

Why are there are so many websites offering low Mastering prices?  The truth is they are not truly professional studios.  Often times when you check their website out, they don't even have samples of their work for you to listen to and their websites are unprofessional and difficult to get around. SoundBurst Studios is a professional Mix/Mastering studio featuring competitive pricing. We may not be the biggest or most expensive option, but we certainly are the BEST option! We feature professional mix/master samples along with an easy to navigate website.  This makes it easy for you to get your music professionally mastered!

Check out our portfolio page to hear our work and take advantage of our $49 May Master sale! This is a 50% savings on up to 2 songs!

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