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The Top Four New Features In Pro Tools 12.4 (which makes it a must update over Pro Tools 11.3)

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Pro Tools 12.4 is the newest version of Pro Tools (as of this post) and the emphasis with this version seems to be on workflow. The top four best features in PT 12.4 in my opinion is...

*The Commit Feature: The Commit feature can basically bounce the audio tracks that you are working on individually or as multi-tracks and even bounce them as stems if you select the sub group track that you wish to bounce. Also you can export those tracks either dry (no fx) or with the processing chain imprinted into the track, real nice. This can speed up your workflow a lot. However, I have found a few bugs in this feature that Pro Tools has told me they will address soon.

*The Freeze Option: is added to the 12.4 from the ProTools 12.3 version. This feature lets you freeze a track or several tracks which will free up CPU if you are adding a lot plug-ins on those tracks. Also when you reduce CPU it can speed up your workflow and when that is the case you should take a serious look at getting it. This feature has been available on Cubase for several years and it looks like the folks at Avid realized its importance, this is one feature that I missed when I switched from Cubase to Pro Tools.

* Clip Transparency: is a really cool new feature allows you to see a translucent view of the wave form that you are editing as you move the wave form forward or backward. You can see an immediate visual outline of where the wave form on the track once was, this makes editing so much easier.

* Pro Tools Has Gone Global: in regard to musicians that want to work with other musicians around the world VIA the Internet. Collaboration is now possible from anywhere in the world syncing Pro Tools sessions. Another important feature is the ability to market globally in a forum setting so that you can find the artists who would like to work with you, or vice versa, a great idea!

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