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SoundBurst Studios offers you lots of great mixing tips to get you started, which can be found in our Blog. We also feature tons of tips designed to help prepare your music for professional mixing and mastering services on this page.


FAQ & Tips - Sending Your Tracks

What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal. For PayPal use this Email:

What is the Best Sample Rate or Bit Rate to Send my Music, and What About Dither?

Send songs for mastering in stereo WAV or AIFF files. Use the sample rate and bit rate, (sometimes called resolution), of the session that it was recorded with. Don't change the sample or bit rates from the original mix used in the song. Mp3 files are NOT accepted. Most people use 44.1 or 48 khz at a 24 bit rate, floating 32 bit rate is fine as well.16 bit rate is the minimum. Please do not use Dither unless you are down sampling, there really is no need for you to down sample.

What Can I do to Best Prepare my Tracks For Mixing?

Please, do not put any effects or automation on the tracks unless you want them permanantly in the mix. I will add the reverb, compression etc. as needed. Use WAV or AIFF formats, Mp3 tracks are NOT recomended. Please label ALL of the tracks so they can be easily found, and have ALL the tracks starting point the same for each track. Tracks with vocals, guitars, bass, brass, strings, winds, tambourine, shaker, all drum pieces (i.e. kick, snare, toms), and etc should be recorded in mono. However, drum overheads, and drum rooms should be in stereo. All piano, synths, organs, or stems (stem ex: an entire drum kit mixed down to 2 tracks) should be sent in stereo as well. If sending a song to be Mastered, send it in stereo WAV or AIFF format. Use the original sample rate and bit rate they were mixed at. Please, if possible, leave about 4 decibels below clipping (dBFS) of headroom for us to work with.

How Long Does the Mixing and Mastering Take?

That depends on a few variables such as, our workload at the time and how much work is needed on your tracks. In most cases, it only takes a few days per song. However, if there is a lot of editing and/or advanced vocal pitch corrections needed, it will take longer, usually a few more days.

Does it Matter What DAW I Used to Record the Audio Tracks?

No, once the tracks are exported we treat them all the same.

I Have a Song That Needs a Radio Edit Version for Radio, Do You do That?

Yes, however, it is far better to remove the offensive words at the time of mixing. Once the song is mixed, taking out the offensive words without disrupting the song is nearly impossible. See our Pricing Page for the costs to remove any offensive words uder Advanced Vocal Tuning and Editing. Generally, it is approximately two words per half hour.

How Do I Zip Compress my Tracks?

All of the bounced (exported) audio tracks must be in a single folder, then zip compress the folder for a much faster uploading time. The folder needs to be under 2 Gigs in size, in 99% of the time that is the case. If it is larger than 2 Gigs, simply make two smaller folders, then Zip compress and send them separately. For Mac: Right-Click folder then click Compress. For Windows: Right-click folder, point to Send to, and then click Compressed (zipped) folder.

I am Not Sure if my Mix is Good, Should I get it Mastered, or Mixed and Mastered?

Easy, if you are not sure if your mixed song is good enough to be Mastered, send it to us and we will analyze it for you. Even if we only do the mastering on your song, your song will sound much better. We need to hear what you are working with. Send it to us for a free evaluation at: Use Email:

For Track Counts and Pricing, do Stereo Tracks Count as One Track?

Yes, they count as one track.

How do I Export a Track in my Particular DAW?

Ableton Live - Exporting Tracks - Video: Cakewalk - Exporting Tracks - Video:

Cubase -Exporting Tracks - Video:

GarageBand - Exporting Tracks - Video:
Logic - Exporting Tracks - Video: Pro Tools - Exporting Tracks Video:

Reaper - Exporting Tracks - Video: Studio One - Exporting Tracks - Video: *None of the above video tutorials are affiliated with SoundBurst Studios LLC. Their sole purpose is for assisting on the exporting of your audio tracks on your DAW.

How Our Mixing and Mastering Services Works

A. Once all your audio tracks are bounced or exported into it's folder, then Zip compress the folder. Only put in the folder the tracks that you want in the mix.


B. Upload the Zipped folder to Soundburst Studios.  Use whichever file sharing platform that you prefer, we have had great experiences with WeTransfer. To use WeTransfer click on the Logo then copy and paste the Email address In the Email to: 

WeTransfer | file transfer for mixing audio

C. We review the tracks to see if any improvements can be done, then you place your order from our Pricing page.

D. We mix and master your tracks, then we Email you a link with the mixed song for your review. Once your final approval on the mix is given, we deliver your song using the same media delivery platform that you sent the tracks to us with.

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We provide up to 4 revisions (per song) to review our work via a link provided over the internet. Once agreed upon by the Artist (or Artist's Representative) the songs will be promptly delivered using a downloadable link. ALL OF OUR WORK IS 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. All sales are final once the Artist (or Artist's Representative) has signed off and received the mixed and or mastered song(s).