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I have found that the headphones when combined with these two plugins mentioned do get great results for a fraction of the money that I spent building my own control room.

Is it possible to give a guitar pic a review one might ask? Oh yeah but, It must provide something that no other pic provides.  Bold statement because you have to ask, what does it do?  Well, I have had mine now for over a year now and I will say it is the coolest tool...

Sometimes you may want a brighter snare drum sound to standout in the mix. If you EQ some top end into the overheads it can bring out the brightness of the snare drum. This can much easier than only using an EQ on the snare microphone. I like to think of all the microp...

The question that few artists think about when launching their career in the music business is whether to release a series of singles or a full length CD. This is a very interesting topic and a very important one. It is also a changing one; the reason being is that yea...

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Pro Mixing And Mastering On Headphones Is Now A Reality

December 5, 2018

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