When You've Recorded Your Music, And You Need A Professional To Do The Mixing And Mastering!

We Mix and Master Most Genres of Music.

Alternative - Blues - Classic Rock - Country - Electronic - Folk - Funk - Hip Hop - Indie - Latin - Rock - Pop - Punk - Reggae  - R&B

When Listening to Mixes,

We recommend listening with a good set of headphones or studio monitors.

We specialize in world class mixing and mastering services for Musicians and Producers at affordable rates.


Having a professional studio like our award winning SoundBurst Studios do the mixing and mastering, will free you up the time to focus on what is most important to you, creating more great music!

The craft of mixing and mastering is an art in itself. Bands/Artists who choose to engineer their own songs are usually doing themselves a big disservice.  Professionals have their music mixed and mastered only by true professionals.

If you are wondering if your song needs to be professionally mixed and/or mastered, you can send it to us for a free evaluation.  Click on the WeTransfer logo below, drag the song on the plus sign, put in our Email drew@soundburststudios.com  and hit transfer for a free quick professional review!  Have a question call us:  702-807-0031

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"Drew was able to do such a great mix and master of a song I wrote and recorded.  I can't wait to hand over more projects to him.  Thank you, Drew!"

—  Heidi Farmer, Singer-Songwriter