With us, you get the same rich sound found in some of the most expensive studios in the world, for a lot less money!

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Labels, Producers and Musicians, we are here for you!

If your mixes are booming, boxy, muddy, or just lifeless Contact Us! We can handle all of your needs, from professional mixing and mastering songs to producing music.

We are your best choice to get the finest mixing and mastering gear, combined with the best training and knowledge! 

We recommend listening to our mix samples with a good set of headphones or speakers.

Here are a few great examples of what we do!  We start with your basic tracks and inject clarity, depth, tube warmth stereo separation, balance, punch and loudness to match the intended musical genre and media source.


When we master, we refine your overall mix even further!  Then we match the levels and tones of all the songs on the album to match each other

Visit our Mix Samples page for more samples of our work! 

Whether your tracks were recorded in a small home studio or a large world class studio we are here for you! 

Drew Puzia, of  SoundBurst Studios, is a multi award winning Mix Engineer.  Most recently, Drew won the prestigious contest of July 2019, which was judged by many of the top Mix Engineers in the music industry.

Let's  free up your time so that you can write more music and create more songs!


Let's Here Your Music!

Are your mixes set to get the optimal results for all the digital music services?   We will get you there!

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